Astrafy genesis

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

It has been a long journey for the four of us since the idea of creating a company together emerged and its actual creation a few weeks ago.

Having all worked together at some stage in our careers, we knew that we had the right combination of technical and business expertise and that our years of accumulated experience in this sector would ensure us steady growth from the very beginning.

Here we are with our freshly created company Astrafy. Astrafy is a reference to the latin word “Astra” which translates into “star”. We wanted a company name that referred to the world's outer space as it is a good representation of the world of data that is growing exponentially and much is still to discover. Astronomy is also one of our common interests and a good representation of the modern data stack; this stack lies mainly in the cloud, scales to the infinite and is in exponential growth. Finally the “fy” syllable adds a verb connotation to emphasize that we are in the “doing” and not in the “talking” ; we are on a mission to implement state-of-the-art data stack for our customers.

For our logo, we wanted something that represents the sky and the cloud with a brain dimension to symbolise artificial intelligence. After putting some designers to the task, we came up with this logo. It has the blue of the sky, the cloud as an outer form and dotted lines within this cloud to represent this advanced analytics aspect.

Regarding the essence of our company, we will certainly be categorised at first as a “consulting company” and it will be our job to show that our strategy and our roots are far from the classical consulting company everyone knows. Our main differentiator lies in our open-source approach; at Astrafy we are all open-source enthusiasts and it is therefore one of our goal to open source everything we do. And this starts with our internal policies, employee compensation, expense policy and so on; you can find it all here on our Gitbook. We will also continuously open-source repositories with solutions anyone can use. Those repositories will be linked to articles you can find on the “resources” page of our website. We plan to publish technical articles at a high frequency to help the data community.

Our second differentiator lies in our size and our remote presence. We are for the moment a small team and we leverage the benefits of it. We can adapt quickly to changes, we take decisions in a matter of minutes and are aligned on a sound and realistic strategy. 

Last but certainly not least in terms of differentiators, we plan to enter into the data education offering. We are convinced that education has still to be revolutionised and that current academic tracks lack flexibility and adaptation to cloud and data technologies that evolve at a very fast pace. This offering will come at a later stage (probably in the course of 2023) in the form of a six-months “cloud data bootcamp”.

Regarding our next steps, we are going to consolidate our foundations roots during the summer by open-sourcing a few data and DataOps solutions as well as continuing the reinforcement of strategic partnerships to serve at best our current and future customers. We recently became a Google Cloud partner and are in the process of becoming Hashicorp, dbt and Astronomer (ie Airflow) partners. We will keep you posted via LinkedIn once those partnerships are sealed.

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to thank Wequity (our first customer) for a successful project and a great collaboration.

We are looking forward to growing as a responsible company and to accompany our customers in their journey to better tame their data.

Andrea, Charles, Kamil and Kevin



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