Welcome Alejandro


My story begins as a young teenager amazed by the immense amount of opportunities that
one can get through a computer. I developed my first piece of software at 16 years old,
which was a Battleship game with animals on it (pretty cute if you ask me). I then decided to
start my professional path by studying for a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.
Years later I discovered the mind-bending world of data, which led me to pursue a master’s
in data science and entrepreneurship, followed by a career in data. My passion for building
technology feels like it stretches on endlessly, with no end in sight, and heightened by an
enormous passion for generosity and sharing through open-source.

Pursuing a career in data means a fulfilling and enriching journey, one where I have the
power to make a real impact in the world. Data has the ability to shed light on complex
issues, uncover hidden patterns, and drive informed decision-making. It's a field that
demands creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for discovery. This brings me the
opportunity to turn my curiosity into a meaningful contribution, and to use my skills and
knowledge to help solve some of the world's most pressing problems.

And then, Astrafy ran into my path as an opportunity to develop myself professionally and
personally with brilliant people that do not fear either the unknown or innovation. An
environment designed to make everyone thrive through ownership and responsibility,
allowing people to fail and learn with trust and transparency is what convinced me to take
this step and join this journey.

On the personal side, I spend some of my time discovering new interesting tools on the
internet or building toy projects. But every now and then, I like to mix things up and explore
the outside world. One of my biggest passions is dancing, which takes me into a state of flow
and enjoyment hardly describable. I also delight in discovering new food and sweets,
preferably with some good friends of mine.

Quote: “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” —
Henry Ford

Mantra: Focus on progress, not perfection.