Welcome Daniel

It's our pleasure to welcome Daniel within our team. Hereafter is what you have to know about him:

Working in IT for over 10 years, now as DevOps/DataOps Engineer with a strong background in the fascinating world of technology. Over this decade, I've held a wide range of roles, from system and database administrator to Google Cloud administrator. My experience has led me to work with international clients, providing support for diverse applications and services, allowing me to develop a versatile and comprehensive skill set.

My choice to join Astrafy is rooted in the deep alignment I have with the company's philosophy. I believe that the people at Astrafy have the potential to enrich both my professional and personal growth. I'm excited about the opportunity to take my career to new horizons in a work environment that fosters innovation and continuous learning.

Outside of work, I use my free time to travel and explore new cultures, leading to fascinating experiences. Additionally, I'm passionate about the latest technologies and am always exploring personal projects related to computer science and technology. When it comes to outdoor activities, I love hiking, diving, and trying new sports.

In summary, my fascination with data aligns with my extensive technology experience and an unwavering desire for learning. I'm eager to be part of the Astrafy team and contribute to the company's success as I pursue my passion for data and technology.

Mantra: Every achievement is just the beginning of my next challenge.

Quote: "Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something." — Robert A. Heinlein

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