Welcome David

I started my career path as a researcher in the field of Bio nanotechnology but, for a long time, technology and data were my main motivation factors so, for the past years, I’ve been working as a Business Intelligence Consultant, interacting with many topics such as ETL, Data Modelling, CI/CD, Test automation, and Cloud. Also quite curious about many subjects regarding science, technology, and gaming.

Recently, I’ve decided to join Astrafy as it seemed to have a completely different working mentality, focusing on continuous innovation and learning, while deprecating inefficient dogmas common in this field. The story behind Astrafy creation and the team attitude are refreshing and welcoming.The provided training, bootcamp, and mentoring are something that I have in high regard. And as a bonus, working and living in Switzerland was a lifelong dream of mine. 

As for the reason behind the data career path that I’m currently aiming toward, every tool and method that allows a smooth data movement and transformation from source to target, the integration with other tools involved in the process, high levels of automation, and many other topics included in this path are something that motivates me to search for new innovative ways to work and adapt to the market needs. At the end of the day, the positive feedback and achievements from the stakeholders that utilise the data product are highly rewarding for me. 

In my free time, I strive to learn new tools when they catch my interest, play video games, go on exploration trips on remote locations that are far from any tech, or help my academic ex-colleagues with their scientific experiments.

As a personal goal for myself in the future, I would like to upscale my knowledge and to contribute with my Data Engineering skills and knowledge to scientific research and promote better and optimized ways to deliver and work with experimental data, which might lead to faster discoveries.

His mantra: Don’t fear the unknown, it’s just a box full of new adventures and opportunities.

Quote: “Every path is the right path. Everything could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.”― Mr. Nobody

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