Welcome Nam

I am from Vietnam and about to graduate in data science from Milan University in 2023.  I am passionate about coding and building data systems and have started coding at a young age.

During my working experience as a Software Developer, I have become very grateful to use open-source technologies and since then I have given back by contributing to some open-source projects. And this is actually one of the main reasons why I have decided to join Astrafy; I love their mindset about using open-source technologies. 

As far as Astrafy is concerned, I was looking for a small company focused on modern data technologies and I found it all in Astrafy. Their values and culture were also aligned with mine and that convinced me to join them. The recruitment process was also smooth and professional with one “cultural fit” interview and then a technical interview. I also like that the founders are all technical and you can feel that they are all doers and not talkers.

Once I close my laptop, I like to enjoy quality time with my friends and go for outdoor activities and sports.

His mantra: Sharing is caring

Quote: Focus on being productive instead of busy.

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