Welcome Roleyner

It's our pleasure to welcome Roleyner to our team. Hereafter is what you have to know about Roleyner:

Hey there! I'm a tech enthusiast who's been into the IT world for almost five years. Over the years, I've built up my skills in various IT domains, like working with multiple cloud providers, mastering different Linux distributions, tinkering with automation tools, and diving deep into development concepts. I've had the privilege of working on some exciting, large-scale projects and learning a ton along the way. I'm always hungry for new challenges and opportunities to grow.

My journey to Astrafy started when I stumbled upon the company during my job hunt. What drew me in, after that initial interview, was Astrafy's fantastic culture and its clear vision for the future. The company's proactive approach to reaching its goals really resonated with me. I saw Astrafy as a place where I could be part of an awesome team, share my skills, and learn from the best. It was a no-brainer to jump on board.

As a DevOps Engineer, I've found myself falling head over heels for the world of data. The marriage between DevOps and data processing is incredibly fascinating to me. In today's digital world, data drives innovation, informs decisions, and holds the keys to unlocking endless possibilities. By combining my DevOps expertise with a deep dive into data, I'm on a journey to supercharge my professional growth and help Astrafy reach new heights.

When I'm not immersed in tech, you can find me exploring local restaurants and savouring new flavours. But my real passion lies in travelling. Whenever I get a chance, I'm off to explore new cultures, cities, and breathtaking landscapes.

Mantra: “Seek the best version of yourself”

Quote: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs 

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