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Data Activation has become an essential priority for companies that rely on data to drive their business. It is the best way for data-driven companies to maximize the ROI of their data.

Business Intelligence and Machine Learning are obviously ways to activate data and those have their dedicated sections on our website. At astrafy, we classify data activation in two categories:

At astrafy, we classify data activation in two categories:

Reverse ETL:

Reverse ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is the process of extracting data from a target system, transforming it to match the format of a source system, and then loading it back into the source system. Your source systems are then augmented automatically with new insights from your analytical database.

Data product as API:

Once you start treating your data as data products, you define output ports for those data products. Those output ports are mainly your datamart tables that are exposed to be use by various downstream applications. One of those can be querying this data via an API in order for other departments to consume this data via GraphQL or REST requests.


Data that is not used for a well defined purpose should be questioned and our goal at Astrafy is to help you activate all the data you have available. Reverse ETL and serving your data product data via APIs are revolutionary concepts to activate your data and close the loop between your analytical database and the rest of your IT ecosystem.

Astrafy has experience in the following tools to achieve Reverse ETL and serving your data via API product. Those tools are leading the move and can be deployed in a matter of days to achieve great results.







Why Astrafy ?

We know what it takes to activate data and get business values out of it. Data activation is where data takes all its values and where stakeholders can finally see value out of this data that has been through many data engineering processes. The end goal being to help you make more informed business decisions, improve your ROI, and ultimately drive growth and success. Overall, data activation is a powerful tool for companies looking to gain a competitive edge.

Your data is waiting to be activated.