Most sectors in the world have experienced a digital revolution in the last 20 years and this revolution is accelerating at a faster pace year by year. Education is no exception and bootcamps have emerged as an ideal solution to fill the gap of education that can adapt quickly to teaching new technologies and with a duration much shorter than classical college degrees. Bootcamps are to be seen as either complementary to an academic degree, a way to switch careers or the only accessible form of study for people that cannot afford to spend years in college.

At Astrafy we are passionate about education and our vision is to democratize as much as possible data analytics practices. One of our founders (Charles) has started his career in data engineering after attending two bootcamps.

I could have never landed in a job in data engineering without attending those two bootcamps I did back in 2017. It literally jump started my career in that field. I couldn’t afford to take more than 5 months off and doing a bootcamp was the ideal format.

Our bootcamp goes hand in hand with our commitment to expand in Africa where education remains inaccessible for many people and where Cloud technologies adoption are still at a low level.


Monday to Saturday from 8.30 am until 6.00 pm


We want to attract the best talents and put zero financial barriers. Profit will be generated on a percentage of salary retention once the candidate lands in a job.


Two bootcamps of 20 weeks a year


Theoretical class in the mornings and afternoons dedicated to exercises and projects


35 students maximum per class

Ever-evolving program

the content of the class will evolve with current hypes in the data engineer world


One lead instructor and three teaching assistants per bootcamp


One of the major capitals in sub-Saharan Africa

This bootcamp requires significant funding as it will only start to generate profit after three years of activity. If you want to have a social and educational impact and are interested in investing in the development of this initiative, please reach out to

Disclaimer: this project is at a very early stage and we will keep you informed via this webpage and via our LinkedIn page (make sure to follow us).