Certifications in IT are a proof of commitment and knowledge towards a specific technology or concept. Acquiring those certifications require hands-on experience and quite some study. Astrafy can guide you on your path to being certified.

Why do I need a certification ?

  • Get a competitive advantage: You will stand out from other candidates in case you have renowned certifications.
  • Increase your earning potential: Certifications act on a resume as an additional negotiation power.
  • Grow your knowledge and skills: Studying for a certification will make you learn hidden parts of a technology/concept you were not aware of.
  • Establish professional credibility: Certifications act as a stamp proving your knowledge on a specific topic.

Astrafy helps you out on your way to get certified with in-person and video-conference coaching.

Certifications can be daunting and despite a huge amount of resources available to study and practice, you might feel a bit lost. We have got you covered with our experience in passing some of the most prestigious certifications on the market. Our senior engineers are multi-certified with some having recertified several times.

Certifications for which we offer support:

All Google Cloud certifications


Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer.


Professional Google Workspace Administrator


Professional Cloud Architect


Professional Data Engineer


Professional Machine Learning Engineer


Cloud Digital Leader


Associate Cloud Engineer


Professional Cloud Developer


Professional Cloud Network Engineer


Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer.


Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)


Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD)


Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist(CKS)


Astronomer Apache Airflow Fundamentals Certification


DAG Authoring for Apache Airflow Certification


dbt Certification


What we offer:

We offer two tracks to match two types of audience.

One day in-person course on a specific certification.

Audience: Group of employees taking the same certification


  • Review of exam guide and highlight of important topics - 1.5 h
  • Mini in-depth sessions on complex exam topics - 3 h
  • Tips and tricks to optimise your performance - 1 h
  • Our experience feedback at passing the certification - 0.5 h
  • Practice questions with detailed solution explanation - 2 h

Length: one day from 9am to 5pm

Place: your office location

Price: 1,000 EUR

Booking: send an email to sales@astrafy.io

One-to-one video call coaching

Audience: Single person in need of guidance


  • Focus area to optimise your success
  • Tips & tricks based on our experience taking the certification
  • Review and handover of material resources (checklist with curated list of hyperlinks, practice exam questions, etc.)

Length: 45 minutes

Place: online

Price: 60 EUR

Doubting about what is the best track for you or you want something more tailored-made ? Not a problem at all and feel free to book a short meeting with us to discuss your needs.

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