Google Cloud:

Google Cloud is at the center of everything we do. We have all been working extensively with it through our career and have altogether more than 10 professional certifications. Our expertise mainly focuses on products related to Data Analytics, Infrastructure and DevOps. Following core products have no secrets to us:

  • Data Analytics: BigQuery, Dataflow, Vertex AI
  • Infrastructure: Compute Engine, GKE, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run
  • DevOps: Cloud Build, Artifact registry, Operations Suite

We also have knowledge of networking and all other aspects of Google Cloud portfolio that we use when required to achieve your projects. At the moment we are a Google Partner and are aiming to become a Premium partner by 2023.

You will find detailed information on this Gitbook link about our broad service offering in case you decide to partner with us for your Google Cloud activities.

dbt partnership:

dbt is the backbone of all our data engineering projects. We use it extensively to bring raw data from multiple sources into curated datamarts that can be used by your various downstream applications. We have been using it almost since its inception and know every best-practices around it. We make sure to implement a dbt project that integrates well with your data ecosystem by taking into consideration your Google Cloud infrastructure, your style guide, your testing approach to data and your downstream applications.

A successful dbt implementation is when we succeed to glue it seamlessly in your current stack. This requires not only expertise in dbt but also deep knowledge of Google Cloud, SQL and DataOps with tools such as Cloud Build, Gitlab CI and Terraform to name a few.

Hashicorp partnership:

HashiCorp delivers consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. We are big fans of Hashicorp vision & mission and have been using their tools for years. Our expertise focuses mainly on two of their core products:

  • Terraform
  • Vault

We use those two in conjunction to deploy your infrastructure as code in a secure way. All of us have the certificate "HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate" and we include a terraform part in 100% of our projects as we never deploy a resource manually.

Airflow partnership:

As open-source enthusiasts, we closely follow the Apache Software foundation and mainly their data projects. On top of Apache Airflow, we have worked with Apache Superset, Apache Atlas and Apache Spark.

As far as Airlfow is concerned, we are using it as an orchestrator for most of our data engineering projects. Its fully managed version on Google Cloud (i.e. Cloud Composer) removes the boilerplate associated with the deployment and allows you to jump-start using Airflow. We have extensive experience with the different Google Cloud operators of Airflow as well as the Kubernetes Pod Operator that we try to use as much as possible to decouple the orchestration from the execution.

We are currently in the process of becoming an Astronomer partner (Astronomer is the driving force behind Apache Airflow).